Call for Submissions: Travel Theme

Map and camera.

Have you ever been on a vacation that changed your entire worldview? Or decided to venture to a far off land that you knew nothing about?

Well, we would love to hear all about your exciting and adventurous travel-themed stories!

We are currently accepting submissions for this theme through July 24th (approx. 400-800 words), but as always, we are also accepting general submissions on an ongoing basis. Please visit our “Submit” page for more details. As always, if you have any questions, please email our editorial team.

Safe travels!

Caitlin Pereira

Caitlin is a higher education professional, social justice advocate, sports enthusiast, yoga junkie, and proud wife & mom. She is determined to save the world through small actions every day, and she finds it intoxicating to motivate and inspire those around her.

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