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What are we looking for?

Just as our mission states, we are looking for people to share uplifting stories and accounts of compassionate work.

Maybe you felt inspired after spending an afternoon working at a local soup kitchen, or you were moved by a stranger in front of you at a coffee shop paying for your morning beverage. Maybe you have witnessed incredible teamwork in a powerful grassroots effort that you joined, or a simple sticky note left on your desk by a co-worker turned your seemingly bad day into a good one.

Whatever the story or work, and whatever the magnitude, Peace Love Progress exists to share these moments in life that move us, empower us, or make us happy.

So instead of keeping these precious exchanges and experiences to ourselves, why not share with the world? You never know who may also be moved, empowered, or find happiness in these moments, too.


Current Themes

We always accept submissions on any topic that fit our message, but at the moment, we’re particularly interested in stories with a theme of spring and all the beauty it brings. We are accepting submissions for this theme through May 15th (approx. 400-800 words), but as always, we are also accepting general submissions on an ongoing basis.


How to submit:

If you have something you’d like to share, we’d love to read it! Full drafts are always best, but we will also take queries if you have yet to fully commit to a topic.


  1. Please fill out all the fields shown below.
  2. Read a few of our recent articles to get a flavor of the length and style we look for. After, please take a moment to look over (and edit) your own work, keeping in mind that most submissions are between 400 and 800 words.
  3. No simultaneous submissions, please!
  4. Establish a Gravatar account using the same email address as the one being used for your submission and upload a photo. The photo will automatically show in your author bio if your piece is run.
  5. If we accept your submission and would like to publish it, we will assign your submission to an editor. By submitting, you are confirming that our editors may make stylistic or conforming changes to your submission.
  6. In some cases, we may ask you to edit your submission on your own before we pass it along to an editor. Please do not become discouraged by this; it usually means we really appreciate your message, it just needs some tweaking.


Can you submit photographs, too?

Sure–we love photos! If you are submitting a written piece, we actually encourage you to send a photo along that will be used as your header photo. Please keep in mind that this must be a photo you have personally taken!

If you are looking to send a photo without additional content, that is great, too! Depending on the image, we may keep it on file to use in a post with an article at a later date, or we may feature it independently. If we choose the latter, we will ask you to write a few words about the significance of the photo. Please submit any photos as a JPEG to