Get Involved

At Peace Love Progress, there are three easy ways to get involved:

  1. Read it. You can read our posts by visiting our web page, and you can also sign up for our newsletter, affectionately called The {Peace Love} Progress Report. Then the articles come right to you! You can sign up at the “Our Newsletter” link on the bottom right of this page.
  2. Write it. In order for this site to continue on, what is our most critical need? Content! Here are the details on how to submit content.
  3. Share it. Whether you add a post to your favorite social media platform or you print out a hard copy for your Great Aunt Sue, we would love for you to share the articles from our site.


Meet the Peace Love Progress team:

Caitlin Clarkson Pereira {Founder}

Editorial Team:

David J. Kozlowski {Editor-in-Chief}

Christie Cartolano {Senior Editor}

Suzy Juliano {Senior Editor}

Sara Brinkerhoff {Editor}

Web development & social media Team:

Jian Chan {Lead Web Developer}

Maggie Kinsella-Shaw {Social Media Coordinator}

Emily Loyola {Social Media Strategist}

Community partnerships & outreach Team:

Amanda Clarkson {Fundraising Coordinator}

Amber Crow {Advocacy Coordinator}


Looking to do more?

We are also looking to continue to build our team of volunteer editors, technology folks, and social media gurus to keep our efforts running. If you are interested in volunteering with Peace Love Progress, please send an email to